December 13, 2023

FinTech & Blockchain Networking Cheatsheet

Tips & How-To's

Key FinTech & Blockchain Trends 2024

  • Embedded Finance & Financial Inclusion
  • Collateralized & Uncollateralized Loans
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • Merchant Acquisition Orchestration via AI & Chatbots
  • Cross Border Consumer Transactions using Local Payment Methods

Our Favourite Newsletters

  • Tech In Asia
  • Fintech Singapore
  • e27
  • Singapore FinTech Association
  • F6S
  • Medium
  • Fintech.Coffee
Did you know? As of 2023, the FinTech space is worth $179 billion globally.

Dates For Your Diary!

20-21 Feb: Seamless Asia, Singapore

04-07 Mar: Japan FinTech Week, Tokyo

23-25 Apr: Money 2020, Bangkok

06-07 May: FinTech Summit, Dubai

Jul: Tech In Asia, Kuala Lumpar

18-19 Sept: Token 2049, Singapore

Oct: Tech In Asia, Jakarta

06-08 Nov: FinTech Festival Singapore

LinkedIn Voices To Follow

Being a new FinTech recruiter, my goal is to network and learn as much as I can. If you’re in Singapore, I’m always down to grab coffee if you are! If you'll be at any of these events next year I'd love to catch up! 😄 - Stephanie Leong - Connect with me on LinkedIn! 

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