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Our areas of expertise


Head of Marketing & CMO’s, Marketing Director/Manager/Coordinator, Digital Marketing Specialist, Performance Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Email Marketing Specialist, SEO/SEM Specialist, Graphic Designer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, CRM Manager, Influencer Marketing Manager, Marketing, Communications Specialist, Affiliate Marketing Manager.

To find out more about Marketing roles, email Poonam.

Media & Digital Agencies

C-Suite, Business Director, Media Planner, Media Buyer, Account Manager, Account Executive, Programmatic Trading, Strategy, Business Development, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO/SEM Specialist, Social Media Manager, Data and Marketing Analytics, Ad Operations.

To find out more about Agency roles, email Poonam.

Adtech & Martech

C-Suite, Sales Managers, Ad Operations, Solutions Architects, Ad Sales Executive, Data Analyst, Campaign Manager, Customer Success Manager, Ad Operations Associate, QA Analyst, Implementation Specialist, Sales Director, Business Development Manager, Data/Marketing Scientist, CRO Specialist, Customer Journey Analyst, Marketing Technology Manager, Marketing Campaign Manager, Product Manager, Attribution Analyst.

To find out more about AdTech & MarTech roles, email Helen.


Sales Development Representative, Business Development Representative, Account Executives, Solutions Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Implementation Specialist, Solutions Engineer, Data Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, QA Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Technical Support Engineer.

To find out more about SaaS roles, email Helen.

Gaming & E-Sports

Developer, Designer, Art Director, Animator, UX/UI, Marketing Manager, Community Manager, Localization Specialist, Monetization Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Manager, Community Moderator, Event Coordinator, Data Scientist, User Acquisition Manager, Content Creator / Streaming Influencer.

To find out more about Gaming roles, email Sigrid.

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What our candidates say

Looking for new roles is never an easy journey and I appreciate the partnership which UGP has extended. With UGP, it's not a plug and play job and all about understanding my experience and skill sets and what I'm truly passionate about and matching them with the right opportunities in the marketplace.

SVP, Digital Agency

From our very first call, it was an exceptional experience as a candidate. I was respected, listened to, and I was given incredibly salient advice.

This resulted in being shortlisted and appointed into a Managing Director role for a business expanding into Asia Pacific.

UGP’s support, knowledge, and authentic approach to managing her candidates is the best I have ever experienced.

It was so exceptional that I then engaged the UGP team to recruit a senior media sales role for my new team. It is refreshing to work with someone who genuinely cares about their candidates and clients and wants the best outcome for both.

Managing Director, Agency

Helen was very consultative in my job hunting process. She took time to understand me and where my head was at, offered valuable advice before sending me towards a role that she felt fit me the most. 2 years down the road, I can safely say I’ve never been in a happier place and I am thriving!

Sales Manager, AdTech 

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to UGP for their hard work and dedication in helping me secure my new role. From the moment we first spoke, they took the time to understand my career goals, my strengths and weaknesses, and my unique needs as a job seeker.

What I really liked is that they helped find opportunities that matched my qualifications and experience, and was always there to answer my questions and provide feedback throughout the entire process.

UGP negotiated an offer on my behalf that met my expectations and allowed me to take the next step in my career with confidence. UGP’s professionalism and attention to detail were incredible and I am truly grateful for UGP for helping me in my next jump.

Thank you again for your hard work, and dedication to helping me achieve my goals. I would not hesitate to recommend UGP to anyone looking for a top-notch recruiter.

Lead, Performance Marketing

I was fortunate enough to have UGP reach out to me when I was feeling helpless during my job hunt. They managed the whole interview process from start to end, providing me with useful tips and advice that eventually landed me an offer. Constant check-ins by the team even after getting the job make me feel reassured and well taken care of. If UGP drops you a DM, trust me, you're in good hands.

Performance Manager, Digital Agency

It has been a great experience working with UGP. The team is really friendly and approachable, they are also proactive in getting my queries answered from the company. They have a good grasp of the industry knowledge which really helped a lot during the whole interview process.

Performance Manager, Digital Agency

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